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What's your Wedding Dress Vibe?

What's your Wedding Dress Vibe? Do you already know, or are you feeling a bit confused about what the Shape or Silhouette of your Dream Dress will be?

We are here to help.

So there is Shape/Silhouette and then there is Style - the two come together to make your perfect wedding dress.

Shape can be broadly split into three categories, Fit & Flare, A-Line & Princess.

Different Silhouette/Shape examples from our beautiful designer GAIA Bridal - Fit & Flare, A-Line and Princess Silhouettes.

Fit & Flare

"Fit & Flare" has become a broad term used for figure-skimming gowns, this includes other fitted Wedding Silhouettes you may have heard of, such as mermaids or trumpets or sheaths.

The differences between these shapes can be minimal, strictly speaking, fit and flare dresses have a fitted bodice and then a gradual flow out from somewhere from the hips to the knees. This creates a softer look and is usually more convenient for the Bride as you have the wow of the figure-skimming look, but with more comfort than with a traditional Mermaid or Trumpet style gown, as the dress is easier to move around in, dance and have the time of your life wearing!

Mermaids usually have boning and corsetry down to the hips, which follow the natural shape of your body, the dress pulls you into the knees and then pushes out dramatically. Trumpets are very similar but they come out from the mid-thigh area rather than below the knee.

Sheath or column dresses are another type of fitted style, these dresses are usually soft and made with just 2 or 3 layers of material - the gown flows naturally over your body, with little structure, and showcases your figure for a flattering shape, but uber comfortable feeling.


A-line dresses have a fitted bodice, with a skirt that flows out from the waist in an A-shape. These dresses can be very floaty and light, or alternatively with volume and underskirts you can basically get to almost a Ballgown shaped dress. A-Line is a super flattering shape, and you can go different ways with your A-Line style - from glitz to romantic lace, and all the way to pure simplicity if that's your bridal style...

The other style which usually gets pulled into the same category as A-Line is Empire line - this is where the waistline of the gown is slightly higher - the dress starts to flow out from just under the bust - which can be an incredibly flattering shape.


I know when I was planning my fairy tale wedding to a prince - the dress was a ballgown! ( I was 5 by the way :) )

The princess gown is synonymous with bridal, and these dresses are an incredibly flattering look.

princess dresses (or ballgowns as they are also known) always feature a fitted bodice, defined waist and full skirts. There are now many fresh and new takes on the ballgown look, including romantic appliqued lace skirts, tiered skirts, as well as the more traditional looks...

So there you go, with a brief rundown of the different silhouettes of wedding dresses! Now keep scrolling to view some beautiful examples of these Silhouettes in our boutique, in so many different styles - your amazing dress is here waiting for you to fall in love with...

Remember we operate exclusively by appointment and have over 220 dresses in the shop to try on, we will give you our dedicated time and attention during your appointment to make sure the right shape and style come together for you for your dream dress.

Silhouette examples from our beautiful Curve Specific Designers, True Curve and Millie Grace. These two designers are curve specialists and make dresses in sizes 14-36. We have extensive collections from these designers in our boutique.

Fitted Beauties

Liking the idea of a figure-skimming or hugging gown? Here are some gorgeous examples of the different styles you can choose from when looking for your fitted Dream gown at Pretty Smithy Bridal...

Dreamy A-Lines

Check out some of our beautiful selection of A-line silhouette dresses, all available to try when you book an appointment at our gorgeous South Devon Boutique.....

Dresses for a Princess

Is your wedding dress shape princess style? Browse through some of our gorgeous princess/ballgown-style dresses...

Remember as with all of these gorgeous dresses - they need to be seen to be believed.

So there is a little insight into the different wedding dress shapes!! We hope this has helped give you some pointers on your wedding dress options before you come in for an appointment!

Love Amy, Pretty Smithy Bridal


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