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We operate by appointment to make sure we give every bride the best experience - we lock the door, put some music on and you and your guests will uninterrupted time at the boutique to find the dress of your dreams!

We have over 160 dresses at the shop waiting for you to try, with a huge variety of styles from bo-ho to simple, traditional to glitzy, and princess dresses galore!


All our off-the-peg gowns are priced between £399 - £799. Our extensive made to order collections from designers Lilly, Brighton Belle, Millie May, Millie Grace, White Rose Graceful and Angel B Curve are priced between £399 and £1399!

We have dedicated Curvy Bride collections - which have fantastic structure, gorgeous silhouettes and ooodles of style! Our Curvy Bride collections can be ordered in sizes 14-36 and all our samples sizes are between 20 and 30.

You can call us to book your appointment or use this page to get booked in!

Please Book to avoid disappointment.....

Our Brides get exclusive use of the Boutique

So if you just pop down 

You might not be able to see our dresses...

Last minute appointments

Our online booking form is designed to allow you to book appointments in advance.

If you are looking for a last minute appointment within the next 24 hours - please call or text 07833778434 for late availability!

We generally operate by appointment only - so please do book to avoid disappointment - the shop is closed  to other customers when appointments are taking place! We also might be out of the shop on other business if we don't have bookings!

We know that sometimes the process of buying your wedding dress can seem a little daunting - so if you want to pop in for a quick look before committing to a full appointment we can arrange this - however if you just pop down to Paignton to come and see us - we might be with another bride on an appointment  (we give exclusive use to each bride we have in for an appointment)  or out of the shop on other business - so please do arrange a time with us to avoid disappointment - you can reach out to us through our contact us form on the website or by emailing on

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my friends and family?

Yes, of course! It's great to get opinions from your loved ones - however we would ask you bring no more than 3 guests - so everyone has a comfortable seat and can relax and enjoy the appointment. We also find that lot's of guests can mean you get a lot of opinions - which can seem a bit overwhelming when you trying to pick your dress!

If you have a big wedding party and really want to bring everyone - then please make an appointment in the week ( we can do evening appointments!)  as we can devote more time to your party and are more likely to be able to extend your appointment if needed....

Can I bring my children/nieces and nephews?

Your little ones will be such a hugely important part of your big day and we would love to meet them! However, in our experience our Bridal Boutique isn't hugely child friendly and it can be really distracting for the bride to have little ones there....

That said we know that getting babysitter can be difficult - so please let us know if advance if you are planning to bring your children. We would ask you go for a midweek appointment when we can devote more time to your party and are more likely to be able to extend your appointment if needed. 

Do I need to bring anything with me?

It can be useful to bring a strapless bra with you as sometimes your bra straps can be distracting when trying different necklines - this is not essential though!! Nothing else is needed!

Can I pay for my dress in instalments?

Yes, we can help you spread the cost of payment - we can discuss this with you at your appointment!

What sizes do you do?

We have sample dresses in sizes 6 - 30 at the shop, and for made to order gowns we can order dresses in sizes 4-36.

Our Curvy Bride collection comprises of dresses from dedicated curvy gown designers, so these dresses have the structure, support and silhouettes to make you feel wonderful on your big day. With a vast range of styles and designs, we have an extensive curvy collection and our the sample dresses are in sizes 18/20/22/24/26/28/30 - so you can be assured there will be a really good range of dresses to try on!

I am looking for a gown with sleeves - do you have many dresses with sleeves?

We do have a really good collection of dresses at the shop with sleeves. However its also really important to remember that for all our made to order gowns we can order more of the matching materials for your gown and have sleeves added to the dress at the alterations stage, this really opens up the amount of dresses we have that can come with sleeves, and is something we are very used to doing from an alterations point of view!

Do you also do alterations on the dress?

Yes we have ladies who work directly alongside the boutique to carry out any alterations needed to make sure your dress fits you perfectly, these ladies are really experienced with our designers and the structure and fit our our gowns. If you order your dress through us you are automatically booked in with them ( unless you opt out of this service)!


If you have any other questions, we will be happy to help - please get in touch on 01803 362392- or through the contact page on our website!