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Curvy Bridalwear: Inspiration & Information to help you find your Dream Wedding Dress

This week we are all about the Curvy Ladies - At Pretty Smithy Bridal, we celebrate every-body, every love story, and every unique journey to the aisle! 💖 From mermaid silhouettes to ballgowns that twirl, we've got it all to cater to your dream wedding look and Our top job is to make your bridal journey magical from the moment you walk through our doors. We operate by appointment only, so you have exclusive access to the boutique and we can spend the time you deserve to help you find your dream dress, from our carefully curated curvy dress collection. We always have a substantial collection of Curvy Dresses in store waiting for to to try on - in sizes 18 - 36 - with loads of sizes 22-36 dresses waiting for you to try on. One of the top questions we get asked at wedding fairs is - "Do you really have dresses in my size?" and the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!! We 100% have samples in every size from 18 to 36 here to try on! Whilst the number of curvy samples we have does obviously go up and down during the course of the year - we currently have 65+ Curvy size wedding dresses here to try and vary from 40 - 80+ dresses here at any one time. We have both off-the-rail and made-to-order options. off-the-rail curvy bridalwear starts at £699 and goes up to around £1300, our made-to-order curvy collection starts at around £1200 and goes up to £2300, so there are options for all budgets.

NEW 2024 Millie Grace Collection - Curve/Plus Size Specific Designer @ Pretty Smithy Bridal
NEW 2024 Millie Grace Collection - Curve/Plus Size Specific Designer @ Pretty Smithy Bridal

Don't forget we have our Sample Sale Days later this month 21st - 23rd of September - 1 hour sale appointment with a ginormous range of samples in this event at 30-50% off their normal prices!! Scroll down to learn more - Sample sale appointments are booked via email or DM on social media.

We know that a lot of Curvy bride's are extremely anxious about coming out wedding dress shopping...and to be honest we totally get it!

When I myself got married, I didn't own Pretty Smithy (sob!) and was really nervous about dress shopping. As a curvy/plus size lady myself, I thought I would never find something in my size and that wedding dress shopping was going to be stressful and disheartening...

At that time no-one really promoted that they sold Curvy Sizes, and for myself, I knew I wanted a dress or outfit that covered my arms... and unfortunately, I struggled to find anyone who would listen to my preferences...being squeezed into dresses that were too small was another aspect I was not a huge fan of - it just didn't make me feel very good :(

That's why we are doing things differently here over at Pretty Smithy Bridal... We love Curves over here and we try and shout as much as we can about our size inclusive ethos - we are all about body positivity with a huge selection of curvy dress samples for you to try on.

plus size wedding dresses
Dresses from True Curve and Millie Grace - Plus Size Specific Designers @ Pretty Smithy Bridal

We operate by appointment only as we want to give our brides the best possible experience, giving you the time, space and lending our expertise so you can find the dress of your dreams. Our extensive selection of over 250 wedding dresses means we have oodles of styles, shapes and vibes for you to try on.

Our 2 hour long exclusive appointment policy means it's just you and your party at the boutique, no other brides trying the dress you had your eye on in another changing room! We lock the door, pop some music on, and host you and your tribe with snacks and drinks. The appointment starts off with a sit down bridal consultation, where we chat through ideas you have for what the dress will be like, and your wedding as a whole, so we get a sense of you and your big day - to make sure we are tailoring the appointment to you.

You can make a wishlist through our website of dresses you love the style of before you come in - so we get a real sense of your bridal style, and we can make sure your fav's are in the first picks of what you try on.

Some bride's have a really good idea of what they want from their dress, and the types they have already fallen in love with end up being just right for them.

Some of you lovelies prefer not to look at dress images or ideas before coming in - you want to experience the dresses for themselves in person and like the idea of having dress ideas suggested to us, based on our experience.

Then for others, you have a clear idea when you start looking but then change your mind once you start trying them on, and we help you on your journey to find your preferred style...until we have found the one for you!

Whichever type of bride you end up being, we are here to give you 1-to-1 expertise and assistance together with suggestions of styles and shapes that will suit you, or that you haven't yet tried. Remember dresses look different on the hanger or in designer images than they do when your wearing them!

Made to Order and Off-the-Rail Bridalwear in sizes 18-36 - Plus size wedding dress
Made to Order and Off-the-Rail Bridalwear in sizes 18-36

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments in your life, and it should be a celebration of love, happiness, and self-confidence.

At Pretty Smithy Bridal, we believe that every bride should feel empowered and beautiful on their big day, regardless of their body shape or size. So let's dive into the world of body-positive bridalwear, sharing tips, trends, and inspiration to help you find the perfect dress:

Diverse Bridal Fashion:

Today's bridal fashion industry is more inclusive than ever before.

Designers are embracing diversity and creating stunning gowns that cater to a wide range of body types We have made it our mission to find amazing curve-specific designers, whose dresses fit and flatter - whilst giving our curvy brides the range of designs so they can find their one.

There are various silhouettes, necklines, and fabrics to explore that enhance your best features and make you feel radiant.

Embrace Your Curves:

A-line, ballgown, or mermaid silhouettes can beautifully complement curvier figures, offering elegance and comfort.

Don't shy away from embellishments, lace, or beading – these details can add drama and flair to your gown.

Sleek and Modern Elegance:

· Modern brides often seek clean lines and minimalist designs. Simple doesn't mean boring; it means showcasing your figure, these dresses are designed to fit you like no other dress has before - and believe us- you will see a whole different side to yourself in a minimalist dress.

· Consider a sheath or column gown that follows your body's natural contours for a sleek and sophisticated look or alternatively simple style and ballgown flair also go wonderfully together.

Whimsical and Boho-Chic:

· Bohemian and whimsical bridal styles are perfect for brides who want to embrace their free spirit.

· Flowy, ethereal dresses with soft fabrics and unique details can make you feel like a boho goddess.

· Getting married outdoors in high summer, or off for a destination wedding? Boho soft dresses can be perfect for these types of weddings - you don't have to worry about getting too hot and bothered with these lightweight dresses.

Personalize Your Bridal Look:

· Your wedding day is all about you and your partner, so don't be afraid to infuse your personality into your bridal look.

· Customization options like coloured accents, removable sleeves, or unique accessories can help you express your individual style.

Confidence is the Ultimate Accessory:

· Remember that the most beautiful thing you can wear on your wedding day is your confidence and genuine smile.

· Surround yourself with a supportive bridal party and trust us here at Pretty Smithy Bridal to help you find your dream dress.

We can't wait to meet you and hear about your wedding plans! xx

Beautiful Floaty Curvy Bridalwear - complete with internal structure to make you feel great on your big day
Beautiful Floaty Curvy Bridalwear - complete with internal structure to make you feel great on your big day

Make your Wedding Dress Wishlist

This is a really simple way of giving us an idea of the shapes and styles of dresses you like, so we can make sure you try these styles on during the course of your appointment with us, it's also a really good way of pulling ideas of dresses that inspire you together.

To make your Wishlist - head over to our website.

Scroll through our All Dresses Page

Click on the pictures of any specific dress you like

In the product page you can hit "Add to Wishlist" on desktop or the heart button in the corner of images on mobile

If you aren't already a member of our website, you will be Onprompted to sign up so you can make your wish-list.

Once you have made it, you can edit or view your favs by going to "My Wishlist" on the website AND you can show us when you come in for your appointment - Yay!

Odette by Gaia Bridal
Odette by Gaia Bridal

Remember we have a sample sale on at the moment - please email or DM us on social media to book a sale wedding dress appointment (1 hour) or alternatively, these offers are available if you book a 2-hour appointment through our website if you want to go for the full experience but with amazing special offers in place during this time.

Remember a whole host of our current plus-size samples will be in the sale for this special event ( we need to make room for new season dresses!) - and once the event is over the dresses will go back up to their normal price. Savings of up to £1000 available on sample dresses plus discount will be offered on made-to-order gowns at the same time.

We can't wait to meet you x

Sample Sale - So Many Curvy Dresses included
Sample Sale - So Many Curvy Dresses included


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