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Set Yourself Up for Wedding Dress Success Part 1- be ready for your say "Yes" moment.

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

One of the best pieces of advice we can give our lovely brides is to be ready for your say "Yes" moment... Read on to learn more about our top tips for this moment in your wedding dress journey.

Jo by GAIA Bridal - Devon Bridal Boutique - Just say Yes to the dress
Jo by GAIA Bridal at Pretty Smithy Bridal

The say "Yes" moment is really important for most Brides, we have all been told about this indefinable feeling you will get when you try your dress on, so you just know it's the one.

One of the biggest pieces of advice we can give, is that you as the Bride have to be ready for the say Yes moment, let us explain.

So we are in your appointment, You've tried 7 dresses on and we are sooo close, you're loving the looks, we just aren't quite there yet.

We go back to the changing room and the next gown goes on over your head...

From the moment the dress flows across your skin, you feel it.

You haven't looked in the mirror yet... but sneaking a peek downwards as the dress is being fitted into you... You start falling in love already.

We come out into the main boutique, and you look in the mirror for the first time. WOW.

You feel exquisite, you can't stop touching the skirts of the gown, it feels perfect for your venue and the day you envisage.

You swing around and look at the back and your profile from the side. Just Wow.

It's so special...

It's everything you dreamed of...

It's all coming together in your mind...

You can feel the emotion flooding in... You're in love (again!), It's your Dress...

Your Tribe is poised and excited because they can see you are so happy, they are just waiting for you to say it...

Your say Yes Moment is here..... You've found the one!


Your subconscious is pinging in the can't say Yes today...

Whether it's because you didn't invite your Mum/Aunt/Sister/Bestie to your first appointments... and you need them to see the one...

Or maybe you came out before you got the financials in place to be able to go for a gown, so you don't have payment lined up for it when you find it.

Maybe you haven't booked your venue yet... so you love, love, love the Dress but can't envisage your wedding as a whole...

It can be a whole host of reasons that have nothing to do with the Dress or how you feel in it, at that moment.

Your Say Yes moment trickles away...

and from that point onwards, it can be really hard to get it back, no matter how many dresses you try or how many Boutiques you go to.

In honesty, it's because you already had the moment, but either just couldn't act on it or allow the moment to naturally occur.

It's really important to be able to go for it when you find the one, you don't want anything holding you back from Your Dress.

Birdie by Brighton Belle, T-length wedding dress - say yes to the dress
Birdie by Brighton Belle - T-Length Designer at Pretty Smithy Bridal

Therefore we would always advise...

Make sure your really important peeps are able to come to the appointment, if you know you want Mum or your Aunt to be there when you find the one, make sure they can come to your appointment. (You can reschedule with us, if needed to make sure this can happen)

If a relative is contributing financially to your dress - make sure you invite them if you want or need them to see the dress before you say Yes.

If you are paying for the Dress yourself, make sure your finances are in place for the dress before you come out shopping for your Wedding Dress.

If you have a definite budget you need to stick to, make sure you tell us about this when we sit down at the beginning of the appointment for a chat.

Coming out before you are ready to buy sounds like fun, but can actually be really dispiriting if you aren't able to move forward with the dress when you find her.

Plus, if you are shopping much earlier than you intend to buy, the Dress you fall for might not be available by the time you are ready to purchase. Designers do discontinue Gowns.

Delilah by Brighton Belle - Bridal Boutique photo - say yes to the dress
Delilah by Brighton Belle in our Boutique at Pretty Smithy Bridal

And remember we are all different...

Now this may sound a little odd, after all our advice above.

But it's important to remember that we are all different, and not all ladies are going to have this huge swoon moment, with happy tears and exclamations of "the one" when you find the dress you love.

If you are a super practical, logical lady, who isn't big on public displays of emotion.... it's unlikely you are going to have a personality transplant when you are in your dress, and that's 100% okay.

Your Wedding is about you and your Partner. The whole process of finding your Dress, Vibe, and planning your day needs to reflect YOU.

If the dress is right, that's your moment, you don't need to try and find a reaction that's not part of who you are.

In our world, the Bride is always the most important person in the room. We are here to help you find your dream dress xx

We hope this guide has helped you think about your Say Yes Moment and setting yourself up for success with your wedding dress shopping. Keep your eyes out for Part 2 of our Set Yourself up for Wedding Dress Success posts next week.

Love Amy, Pretty Smithy Bridal x


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